• Review the Will, if applicable.
  • Determine who will act as executor or administrator of estate.
  • Maintain a detailed record of all decisions made, steps taken and financial transactions.
  • Call Memorial Society of British Columbia at 1-888-816-5902 if deceased was a member, or to determine if deceased was a member, to obtain the negotiated special pricing for MSBC members.
  • Contact funeral service provider to make funeral arrangements.
  • Consider publishing an obituary in the newspaper, social media platforms, online obituary websites and/or community and organization newsletters.
  • Death Certificate – Obtain a death certificate from the BC Vital Statistics Agency online, by mail or in person, see https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/life-events/death/death-certificates Funeral services providers will often do this for you as part of their services.
  • Contact Medical Services Plan to cancel MSP coverage, tel: 1-800-663-7100.
  • Conduct wills search by contacting BC Vital Statistics Agency.
  • Locate estate assets and, if applicable, safety deposit box.
  • Secure estate assets and ensure adequate insurance coverage is in place.
  • Deactivate online accounts including email, social media, website logins, applications and online shopping.
  • Probate – if required, apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate when the deceased died with a Will or Letters of Administration when the deceased died without a will.
  • File a request at local Post Office to redirect mail, if applicable.
  • Notify WorkSafe BC if the deceased had an active claim at 1-888-967-5377.
  • Notify BC Housing if the deceased had subsidized housing or rental assistance at 1-866-465-6873.
  • Notify RCMP Canadian Firearms Program if deceased had a firearms licence or firearm at 1-800-731-4000.
  • Contact Frontcounter BC if deceased held a licence, permit or tenure related to Crown lands, forestry, water, mining or other natural resource activity at 1-877-855-3222.
  • Notify Elections BC if deceased was a BC resident but dies outside of BC at 1-800-661-8683
  • Contact credit bureaus to notify of the death to reduce the risk of fraud. Equifax 1-800-465-7166. TransUnion 1-800-508-2597.
  • Contact property manager or owner to terminate lease if deceased was renting or leasing.
  • Contact municipal government to transfer billing and property taxes if the deceased owned real estate.
  • Contact pharmacy to cancel prescriptions and dispose of medication, if applicable.
  • Contact clubs, organizations and religious groups to notify the group, end the deceased’s membership as well as stop any fees or donations.
  • If the deceased was Indigenous, contact their community to learn about applicable options and resources.
  • Notify hydro, cable, telephone and other utilities to change the name on bills or change the service you receive.
  • Government Benefits – Call Service Canada to notify them of the death 1-800-277-9914. They can answer questions about the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security and related programs. See this web page for all benefits which you may be eligible for: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/notify-government-death/checklist.html.
  • Veterans Affairs – If the deceased was receiving Veterans Affairs benefits, call 1-866-522-2122 or see https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/financial-support/death-and-bereavement.
  • Pension Plan Benefits – If the deceased received pension benefits, extended health and dental benefits from a pension plan, contact the pension plan administrator to advise of the death and to determine eligibility for continued benefit coverage for dependents.
  • Seniors’ Supplement – If the deceased was receiving the Seniors supplement or disability benefits for seniors, call 1-866-866-0800 (press 4 and then 1).
  • Cancel driver’s licence, identification card, or BC Services card – Mail a death certificate (or copy) and the licence/ID to:
    ICBC Licensing Unit
    PO Box 3750
    Victoria, BC V8W 3Y5,
    or go in person to a local ICBC driver’s licensing office.
  • Passport – Cancel deceased’s passport. The passport should be returned to Passport Canada by registered mail with a copy of the death certificate and a letter indicating whether you wish the cancelled passport to be destroyed or returned to you:
    Passport Canada
    Foreign Affairs Canada
    Gatineau, QC K1A 0G3
  • Social Insurance Number – Cancel deceased’s Social Insurance Number by returning the SIN card along with a copy of the death certificate to Service Canada. You can either bring it to the nearest Service Canada Centre or by sending the documents by registered mail to:
    Service Canada
    Social Insurance Registration Office
    P.O. Box 7000
    Bathurst, NB E2A 4T1
    If you do not have the SIN card but do know the number, send proof of death with the SIN clearly written on it.
  • Auto Registration and Insurance – Contact ICBC (Autoplan broker) or private insurer, if applicable, to cancel or change car insurance. Depending on to whom you will transfer ownership of the vehicle, you will need to provide a certified copy of death certificate, a certified copy of the Will, and a possibly a letter from your lawyer or a certified copy of Letters Probate or Letters of Administration.
  • Life Insurance – Contact life insurance company to obtain benefits, if applicable.
  • Financial Institutions – Contact banks and other financial institutions to remove deceased’s name from joint accounts or to transfer accounts held solely by the deceased into the name of the Estate.
  • Credit Cards – Contact credit card companies to remove deceased’s name from accounts or to cancel accounts.
  • Debts and Claims against the Estate – Examine debts and claims against estate and
    defend any legal action against estate of deceased. Pay debts.
  • Publication of Notice to Creditors – Contact BC Gazette at 1-800-663-6105 to arrange for publication of notice to creditors; see https://www.crownpub.bc.ca/Content/documents/noticeToCreditors_form.pdf.
  • Real Property – Contact Land Title Office regarding removing deceased’s name from title to property.
  • Manufactured or mobile home – Contact BC Registries and Online Services if required if the deceased was the joint owner of a registered manufactured or mobile home in BC at 1-877-526-1526.
  • Income Taxes – Contact an accountant to file required income tax returns and apply for clearance certificate(s).
  • Accounting to Beneficiaries – Prepare detailed accounting of receipts and disbursements during administration of the estate and obtain approval from beneficiaries or the Court, as applicable.
  • Distribute Assets of Estate – Distribute personal and household effects, pay legacies and make distribution of estate to beneficiaries according to terms of the will or Wills, Estates & Succession Act of British Columbia, as applicable.
  • Contact a lawyer regarding general estate questions and procedures for probate or letters of administration, if required.