The Lawyers:

  • Trained in mediation and collaborative family law, typically through the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia
  • Training in Collaborative Law develops collaborative skills not adversarial tactics
  • The lawyers’ role in the collaborative process is to facilitate negotiations, representing their respective clients in a non-adversarial manner

Divorce Coaches:

  • Licensed mental health practitioners and therapists
  • Can be specialists in family therapy, psychology, counselling, social work, etc.
  • Assist in resolving emotional issues and facilitating communication
  • Use conflict resolution skills
  • Advise on parenting arrangements serving the needs of the children

Child Specialists:

  • Licensed mental health practitioners and therapists with experience dealing with children and divorce
  • Can be brought in to act as a neutral advocate for the child
  • Can help communication between child and parents
  • Can provide a safe environment for the child to raise concerns

Financial Specialists:

  • Must be certified financial planners, general accountants, or chartered accountants
  • Where property and income are in dispute, the lawyer can involve a financial specialist for accounting purposes
  • Can provide neutral advice about financial consequences of agreements, proposals, etc.