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Understanding Electoral Reform

Last week, Premier Gordon Cambell indicated that the strong support for the past election's referendum on electoral reform will not be discounted. His course of action is expected to be announced in the near future. The Single Transferable Vote system proposed by the Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform fell slightly short of the 60% majority [...]

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PM Opines On Health Care

Fielding questions on Vancouver radio station CKNW's talk show yesterday, Prime Minister Paul Martin weighed on the health care debate stating, "I don't believe in a two-tier medicare system." Despite the recent Supreme Court decision which declared laws preventing payment for necessary medical services unconstitutional, Martin emphasized the importance of a medicare system based only [...]

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Liberals hold strong in round one

After fifteen confidence votes last night, Paul Martin's Liberals have made it through this week's first round of challenges to their leadership. The closest call of the night was a 153 to 149 outcome where the Liberals teamed up with the NDP to win against the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois. The vote on Martin's [...]

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Liberal minority put to the test

This week, Paul Martin's Liberals will face a series of challenges to their minority government. A number of confidence votes will take place that have the potential to force a quick election. The close result of last month's budget vote has many of us nervous. Fortunately, analysts are predicting the Liberals will hold out due [...]

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A little plug for my other site: www.bcvote.ca. It's a non-partisan, non-profit information resource of current media and events related to democratic events in BC. Log on to check out the latest developments in the Gomery inquiry, the upcoming BC election and the BC-STV referendum.

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