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Nicole Garton, B.A., LL.B. is the principal of Heritage Law and practices in the areas of wills, estates and family law.

Can Moving Out Of The Country Get You Off The Hook From Paying Child Support?

Mayall v. Kebarle - 2018 BCSC 170 Can moving out of the country get you off the hook from paying child support? A recent BC decision says no. While moving to Belize may let you escape the cold weather, it will not release you from your legal obligations. Courts will grant child support variations if [...]

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Divorce in Your Future? Checklist for Pre, During and Post-Divorce

Pre-Divorce/Preventative To Do’s Preliminary If you are in a situation where abuse or violence is present, even if it is not physical abuse, call VictimLink at 1-800-563-0808 to speak with an advocate or support person about your options, and they can connect you with shelters and other safe temporary housing, and get you support for [...]

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The Benefits of Giving

Giving back can take many forms, from donating to a worthwhile charity to helping your neighbor dig his car out of the snow. Whether it’s donating money or goods or volunteering time or services, contributing to a worthwhile cause feels good. For most people, the primary motivation for a donation is the sincere belief in [...]

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Family Justice Reform in British Columbia & the Northern Navigator Initiative: A Preliminary Review

Looking south into downtown Dawson Creek, B.C., with the Alaska Highway Mile "0" post.   Abstract This paper looks at the problem of diminishing access to family justice in British Columbia from a court users perspective. It considers the current state of the justice system and family law in British Columbia and looks at two [...]

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