Heritage Law is still working with clients to get their estate plans organized during social distancing. To proceed, the steps are:

1. Fill out our online questionnaire: https://www.bcheritagelaw.com/new-cli…/estate-planning-file/ and scan to admin@bcheritagelaw.com or fax us two pieces of ID to 778-786-0616

2. Review various estate planning options which may apply to your family, including pricing: https://www.bcheritagelaw.com/about-us/value-priced-law/

3. Make a phone or ZOOM appointment to provide instructions – online: https://bcheritagelaw.cliogrow.com/book or you can call the office at 778-786-0615 to book.

4. We email you documents for review, and then we finalize them over the phone.

5. We email you final documents, with detailed execution instructions.

You can call us with any questions at 778-786-0615.