CKNW – Sept15-11 – 1.30pm- Interview with Monique (part 1)

CKNW – Sept15-11 – 1.40pm – Interview with Monique (part 2)

Sperm donors are used by heterosexual couples with fertility challenges, by same-sex couples and by single women. What are the implications? In this interview, CKNW host Simi Sara and I discuss:

  • Recent reports of the high numbers of children conceived from the same anonymous sperm donor
  • What you need to think about if you’re planning to use a donor:
    –      The choice of an anonymous versus known donor (friend, family member)
    –       The need for a proper legal agreement with a known donor
  • Information sharing with children and the impact of disclosure on children and donors
  • Recent caselaw upholding the adult child’s right to know about their biological origins, and
  • What we can learn from adoption law reform