2010 World Summit & Symposium on Elder Mediation and presented on the topics of ethics and planning for incapacity. I enclose my presentation slides on both topics:

It is estimated that there are currently 3.7 million Canadians over the age of 65. With the leading edge of the “baby boomers” poised to hit retirement in 2011, seniors will soon make up close to a quarter of the population. This demographic shift will have a profound effect on our society socially and economically. The potential for issues and disputes will increase as larger numbers of older adults face life transitions and issues of incapacity, health care, housing, finances, family and relationship concerns, possible abuse and neglect, estate planning, end of life decisions and other significant concerns. Elder mediation is a potential solution to assist seniors, their families and other stakeholders facing a maze of options and tough decisions. What is Elder Mediation? The Elder Mediation Canada web site defines elder mediation as follows: Elder mediation is a cooperative process in which a professionally trained elder mediator helps facilitate discussions that assist people in addressing the myriad of changes and stresses that often occurs throughout the family life cycle. Elder mediation typically involves larger numbers of participants including older people, family members, friends and others who are willing to give support. Depending on the situation it is not uncommon to include paid caregivers, hospital staff, nursing home and or community care representatives, physicians and other professionals. Over the past 20 years mediation with age-related issues has been emerging as a distinct specialty in the field. Elder Mediation is now being recognized internationally as an important step in the continuum of care – promoting wellness, developing prevention strategies and enhancing quality of life. The focus is on addressing concerns and issues while maintaining and strengthening the myriad of relationships critical to the well-being of the older person.]]>